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Meet Moxie, Milly and Dove Bar, they are the Key West Girls. All big gorgeous poodles. Better pictures are in the future of these girls. When you think of Key West you think of sunny care free days, tropical drinks, good food and fun times! RIGHT! Well not so� for three Standard girls! The Monroe County SPCA was filled to capacity and they called CPR to beg us to take two beautiful females (Milly and DoveBar). We were VERY lucky to find foster homes so quickly for these wonderful creatures, **Thank You** foster families!! One of our wonderful volunteers from Broward county drove down to get them, and while there she was asked to take a third girl that had come in as a stray over the weekend. Our volunteers stepped up once again and CPR was able to take all three "Key West Girls". The rescue is over and the real task begins.

These three girls are grateful for their rescue, sweet, loving and very appreciative. Their hygiene and heath is another story. All three Key West Girls need medical attention. They all need to be spayed, brought to date on vaccines, and Milly is heart worm positive which is a costly treatment, not to mention possible side effects that could occur and special foster care during treatment. Additionally, all three were a matted mess with severe ear infections and poor skin conditions due to inadequate nutrition and care. Medical expenses will start to add up. Our adoption fees do not cover the medical costs and there will be a few bills bringing these worthy creatures up to par. Please find it in your hearts to help. No amount is tooo small! Help bring some sunny days to the Key West Girls!

Meet Dove Bar. 1 yrs old No crates for this girl, and likes to chase cats, otherwise, what a great girl. she will run and run and run chasing a flashlight or ball. 3 baths in one week and the stink is still not off her. She will be good in a few weeks, we will whip her into shape, she needs some TLC and a few meds to clear up those goopy eyes, the horrible ears and yucky coast from poor nutrition, grooming and fleas. She is such a good dog, will make a wonderful pet. Her grandma was purchased with her last fall, then they were both surrendered. Update: Dove Bar responded well to her foster care and was adopted and is doing well in her new home.


Meet Milly. 6 yrs old, and a grandma!Heartworm positive, bought from a breeder last fall, shipped across country then moved to FL. Owner surrendered to SPCA, bite marks from an animal that needed antibiotic injections after a shave down, in great need of some good food, good grooming and TLC. Will be treated for Heartworms and spayed before adoption possible. Listens well, chases cats! Update: Milly did well with her heartworm treatment, she had a few other issues with worms but handled those like a charm, she was just getting settled down in her foster home when she was adopted. Good for this grandma who is not old at all. She looks different after her clean-up; she liked her foster brother...they played well together.

Meet Moxie. She was found as a stray in the keys. The SPCA had called us about 2 others (Milly and Dove Bar) already since they were at capacity and our wonderful volunteers stepped up and we were able to say SURE what is one more standard to an already bulging foster network! She is getting 'checked-out, spayed and cleaned up' then will be ready for adoption. Active and a swimmer, needs lots of exercise. Update: Moxie is healing well, she is now off meds and ready for her new home, we are looking at the applications to find one with the right amount of exercise for this girl!