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Meet Skoobie and Weebles, they are High-Cost Canines. Both with KNEE problems.

Meet Skoobie. All puppy, playful, fun-loving but also a lap dog who likes to snuggle, a cuddler, likes to sleep with his humans. He is a tall mini, a wapping 7.5 lbs, has a face like a standard...hard to get a picture of black dogs! Skoobie will probably be around 15 lbs when he 'grows' into his body, he is only 7 mo old (DEC). Skoobie likes to chase his standard size house-mates around and bite at their tales, he thinks that is just great! He is wonderful with all size dogs and humans. Skoobie came to us in Oct 2010, his procedures will take some time to do their magic before he is ready to adopt.

Skoobie was an owner surrender (breeder) with a broken leg. His leg is broken at the tibia and torqued outward, his patella is in the wrong place. He was treated and put in a cast for 4 weeks (as you can see in the picture) and that is over now. He will have knee reconstruction surgery shortly now that the break is healed. If you can sponsor him, he would love it and so would CPR! His foster family is enjoying him while they have him. Update Feb: We have to wait 4 - 6 months before the knee surgery will be done. Skoobie needs to complete his growing to his full size before the surgery can happen, there could be future issues with his knee according to the vet but we will give him every chance to get this fixed, he is doing well and loving life in his foster home as we wait, he of course has no clue.

Meet Weebles. Playful, puppy-like happy little dog. Found as a stray, surrendered to CPR from shelter because they thought she had a broken pelvis. Fortunately we had a foster home willing to take her so she did not stay at the shelter over the holidays (Thank You foster family). She is not quite a year old by our vet's estimate and weighed in at all of 4 lbs. I can hardly believe this little girl was running around as a stray, bizarre. She has 2 VERY bad knees (not a broken pelvis) and needs a spay; she is settled into her foster home. She has put on almost a half pound which is good, plays like a puppy but did have a mild case of Kennel Cough which is better now. Weebles was one of the 21 dogs we received at the end of 2010! She came in a couple days before Christmas.

She will need some major knee surgery, poor breeding can cause this. Due to her small size we may have to do 3 separate surgeries which means she could be with us for quite awhile. Hopefully that won't be necessary but we shall see, the surgery eval is in the next week.Thanks to the donations, fosters, vets who work with CPR, we are able to care for these dogs in the way they need until they are healthy enough for adoption. If you can donate or foster, please do! Update Feb: Weebles was able to have her knee surgery on both knees at the same time (good news!), she is walking on the back legs pretty much now, she undergoes another follow-up next week and then the water therapy starts. She is taking it in stride and only occassionally will default to her old habit of not walking on those back legs like a normal dog, habits are after all hard to break when they have been there since birth. We also now think she could be as much as 4 yrs old according to the vet after seeing the bones and the wear and tear. Her spay is still in her future.Update March: Weebles was spayed and is doing very well with walking on her back legs, only when she is in a HUGE hurry does she default back to only the front legs (she can still go faster that way, go figure). She has been adopted and we are all very happy for her.