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Meet The Puppies (Keeper, Scamper, Cassidy).


It is raining Poodles! CPR had 8 other dogs come into rescue the same week as these puppies, it was quite a scramble to find foster homes for them all but our volunteer base rose to the occassion. If you read the stories on our site or our newsletters or our petfinder pages; please consider donating or fostering ... the two most vital needs; when we have to say no to a dog, it always hurts but we only have so many homes to place the dogs. Fortunately for these three, a foster home with one foster already decided they would take on 3 more!

There were 3 puppies found on the side of the road in the Tampa area. A driver found them and took them to a vet office. It was apparent they had lived in the wire crate for quite some time as it was caked in feces and urine. The vet took them in, bathed them (several times) and contacted CPR. As you can see, they were a mess, probably leftovers that did not sell from a litter. Of course they knew nothing about anything (toys, grass, leashes/collars, humans)....

They were taken into rescue and estimated to be 8-10 months old. Then of course, treated by one of our vets for UTIs and spayed/neutered. Shots and all appropriate care was given. A good shave down was required as they were matted and needed to just start over fresh, even after many bathes. They were very scared of everything, not house trained and did not know what that leash thing was all about! Now instead of hiding from people, they are learning to take treats, come over for a pet and some love.

Here is a note from the foster mom after a short time: I have attached some pix of my other foster, Second Chance, and the puppies. He is just magic with the puppies and has made a huge difference in their people socialization progress and just building confidence in getting to know the world out side of a crate. His story is great too, he was found as an abandoned stray of the streets of Tampa and has turned out to be a very special dog! He is definitely wise beyond his two years. --

As you can see in the after photos, the puppies are doing well. Another couple weeks of antibiotics and training and these guys will be on their way to new forever homes where hopefully they will always be cared for. See below their sad onto a bright future!