Happy Endings

Rescue can be rewarding work! These little guys had a rough time, but now have the extra care and love they need. Warning! These stories may bring tears to your eyes.


  • Zachary

Zackary had the good fortune to be adopted by Leah on December 28, 2018.

Leah and family have renamed our Zackary as Zack.

Thank You, Leah, for giving our Zackary such a wonderful new home!


  • Sassie
  • Sassie

Sassie had the good fortune to be adopted by Lea Ann on April 24, 2015.

Thank You, Lea Ann, for giving our Sassie such a wonderful new home!

Sassie's Happy New Life: Jerry and I would like to thank our friends at Coastal Poodle Rescue for allowing us the opportunity to provide a loving home for Sassie. We already had two small dogs a male poodle-mix named Sebastian and a female yorkie-mix named Sabrina. Although we wanted another dog, we were apprehensive because we werent sure how they would get along and also thought it would result in a lot more work. We were wrong.

Sassie has been a wonderful addition to our family. She loves to play with her toys, go for walks with her new siblings, snuggle, and give sweet little kisses. It has been a joy watching the dynamics between the three of our little ones and with every day they become closer and have allowed Sassie into their pack. They walk with their leashes all together side-by-side, eat side-by-side, and sleep next to each other. Sassie is fascinated by the pool and enjoys swimming and being pulled around on a boogie board. Her personality shows that she is thankful and appreciative to be in her new home. We now have a wonderful addtion to our family. Thank you again, Coastal Poodle Rescue


  • Myla
  • Myla

Myla had the good fortune to be adopted by Theresa on March 13, 2015.

Thank You, Theresa, for giving our Myla such a wonderful new home!

Myla's Happy New Life: Just had to share how perfect these two cuties are together. 3000 square foot house, 5 dog beds scattered about and look where they chose to be. Love our Myla and Scout


  • Qiana
  • Qiana

Qiana had the good fortune to be adopted by Olivia on July 11, 2014.

Olivia and family have renamed our Qiana as Izzy.

Thank You, Olivia, for giving our Qiana such a wonderful new home!

Qiana's Happy New Life: Izzy hit the doggie lottery when she was adopted by Olivia. She is very well loved and quite spoiled. Just look at how happy they are.


  • Zachary
  • Zachary

Cleopatra had the good fortune to be adopted by Louise on July 03, 2014.

Louise and family have renamed our Cleopatra as Lily.

Thank You, Louise, for giving our Cleopatra such a wonderful new home!

Cleopatra's Happy New Life: Here is Lily enjoying some zzzz's in her new bed. We just love her. She has acclimated beautifully and enjoys walks, rides in the car and golf cart. She is a sweet girl. Louise


  • Shyla
  • Shyla

Shyla had the good fortune to be adopted by Robert on August 27, 2013.

Thank You, Robert, for giving our Shyla such a wonderful new home!

Shyla's Happy New Life: We fostered Shyla in August 2013 and adopted her soon after. She came to us true to her name. Her tail stayed between her legs for months. She has now opened up and her tail is wagging She is a a loyal and true companion that has enhanced our life. You can tell from the picture that she is leading a life of leisure on the Indian River.


  • Broncp
  • Bronco

Bronco had the good fortune to be adopted by Ana on April 07, 2013.

Ana and family have renamed our Bronco as Pookie.

Thank You, Ana, for giving our Bronco such a wonderful new home!

Bronco's Happy New Life: Pookie hit the jackpot in his new home. From the streets of Miami, he is now living in the lap of luxury with Ana and her family. Ana is a dentist and Pookie goes to work with her and makes all the patients smile!


  • Rambo
  • Rambo

Rambo had the good fortune to be adopted by Lorraine on November 09, 2012.

Lorraine and family have renamed our Rambo as George.

Thank You, Lorraine, for giving our Rambo such a wonderful new home!

Rambo's Happy New Life: George Gracie aka Rambo Lindi came home to their loving forever home on Friday, Nov. 2, 2012. I would like to thank Dana, Doris, Marcella, Peg and all the other CPR members for helping me to get these two adorable cuddle bunnies home! George and Gracie did not have any problem adjusting to their forever home with me. They seem to be completely happy and relaxed. I am enjoying them so much and dont know what my favorite part of having them here with me is, like them, I love our walks and cuddle time as well as watching them wait and gobble up their food at meal time. My new home is now complete with lots of love to both give and receive from my two new babies. We honestly could not be happier! I could not be more grateful for these two new additions to my family and add them to my gratitude list for Thanksgiving this year.


  • Peeta
  • Peeta

Peeta had the good fortune to be adopted by Patricia on October 19, 2012.

Patricia and family have renamed our Peeta as Pete Pierre.

Thank You, Patricia, for giving our Peeta such a wonderful new home!

Peeta's Happy New Life: Tom & I want to first thank Susan, Pete's foster mom (and her dog Bailey) for giving him so much love and attention in helping him become the sweet little dog he is. I fell in love with Pete's picture and my heart went out to him when I read his story. When we met him in person we knew he was just a sweet little dog that just needed love and attention. Pete is such a joy to us. He is so cute and lovable and has the cutest personality. He loves to go out for long walks and run and play with his dog friend Sammy who looks like his big brother. He always lets me know when he has to go out too. He loves to be cuddled and petted and loves his belly rubbed and his back scratched. He loves to play with his toys. To see how he has blossomed from where he came from is just wonderful. Everyday he is more and more comfortable with us and his surroundings. He used to shy away from me now he runs to me and jumps when ever he sees me and his little tail wags with joy. He now runs around the house and finds a place on the couch or a chair. He likes to sleep in his crate and it is so much fun to watch him carry all his toys in and set them up as pillows..I even got my first kiss on the face the other night. He is getting more comfortable with other people too. He loves to be loved...and it is so easy to love this little dog...Thank you again Coastal Poodle Rescue Susan, Sandra, Peg and Jean for giving little Pete a chance and for giving us the chance to adopt this sweet little dog..We just love him so much. Just look at that cute face how could you not just love him.. Pete's new adopted Mama and Pappa


  • Elise
  • Elise

Elise had the good fortune to be adopted by Donna on August 31, 2012.

Thank You, Donna, for giving our Elise such a wonderful new home!

Elise's Happy New Life: Elise was one of 10 dogs CPR rescued from a Sarasota county puppy mill seizure in May 2012. The dogs were all scared and unsocialized, living in horrible conditions and not understanding humans at all. After being rescued, CPR took her into foster care, had her vetted and worked with her on her shyness. She was very skittish of any noises, kids voices next door, etc. We knew she'd need a very special person to adopt her. Donna was the perfect person for Elise and adopted her in August 2012.. She recently wrote to us (March 2013) and said "It's been a long & trying process, but I think we have made a big breakthrough. She is just beginning to come to us. She understands the commands "sit", "outside", "inside", "kitchen", and "you know the rules". Her favorite thing is to get a bath and get groomed. After, she prances around to show the other dogs how pretty she is. She loves the other dogs and she is a real snuggler when we go to bed at night. She smiles and wags her tail when we play music. She's got quite a personality When she gets excited, she stiffens all her legs, puts her tail up high and pops around sideways. We still have a long way to go with her, but we definitely see big improvements. She is a little doll and gets a lot of love".


  • Hutch
  • Hutch

Hutch had the good fortune to be adopted by gloria on August 31, 2012.

Thank You, gloria, for giving our Hutch such a wonderful new home!

Hutch's Happy New Life: We are the adoptive parents of Hutch. We and Blondie,our 5 year old Golden Retriever adopted Hutch August 26, 2012. He has come very far in 4 months. He is still somewhat skittish of strangers. However, when he is on the golf cart,anyone can come over and pet him and play with him. Blondie and Hutch are very bonded to the point that she allows him to steal the toys.He now weighs 69 lbs. He still is very attached to me, but he also has become very fond of my husband. His coat is now beautiful and curly. He is very well behaved at the groomers. His teeth have become very white and clean from daily brushings and chewing on nylabones. He is a very happy and delightful pet,whom we couldn't imagine being without. Gloria, Alan and Blondie Fialkoff


  • Trip
  • Trip

Trip had the good fortune to be adopted by Danielle on August 19, 2012.

Danielle and family have renamed our Trip as Giacomo.

Thank You, Danielle, for giving our Trip such a wonderful new home!

Trip's Happy New Life: I was not a dog lover, and I said I'd never ever get a dog. But, my children so wanted a dog that I finally acquiesced. Your organization was recommended to us, and when I saw Trip (now Giacomo) on your web site I knew he was the dog for our family. I have to say I am in LOVE with this little boy. He is mommy's baby, and my personal protection officer. From the moment he arrived, he has filled our lives with smiles, snuggles and lots of love. He has been with us for five months now, and I can not imagine our family without him. Whenever we take him out (which is all the time because he comes everywhere with us), we get lots of compliments on him, and I highly recommend your organization. The thoroughness of your placement process was stellar. You all do a wonderful job ensuring the dog and the family are a good fit. Thank you for all that you do!


  • Dillard
  • Dillard

Dillard had the good fortune to be adopted by Carrie on August 10, 2012.

Carrie and family have renamed our Dillard as New Dog Name.

Thank You, Carrie, for giving our Dillard such a wonderful new home!

Dillard's Happy New Life: Meet Team Wetzel - Adam, Carrie, Marley and newly adopted 'Dillard'! Life has been fun with the addition of their 2nd Coastal Poodle Rescue! Dillard has been with them for one week and they are quickly growing used to his smiling face (never without one of his toy balls in it!) Adam plays in the backyard with him before and after work (I think they both look forward to this time equally!). During the day, sister Marley sits on the back of Carrie's chair with Dillard by her feet. Marley is transitioning from a 1-dog household to sharing affection with Dillard...it is a work in progress but everyday gets a little better!! The both love their walks and belly rubs and Team Wetzel is so THANKFUL for Coastal Poodle and the adopted 'kids'!


  • Cisco
  • Cisco

Cisco had the good fortune to be adopted by Jan on March 10, 2012.

Jan and family have renamed our Cisco as Nicky.

Thank You, Jan, for giving our Cisco such a wonderful new home!

Cisco's Happy New Life: Hey! My name's Nicky and I love being adopted. I live with my mom and a foster named Trapper who barks all the time. I also live with Allie, Annie and Baker. All of us get to go to doggie school where we meet our other doggie friends. We have to learn how to be good dogs in public so we do a lot of standing, sitting and walking with our owners and with our doggie friends while we are in doggie school. Sometimes we go on class picnics and they let us take off our leashes and run with the other dogs. We have good dogs at my house, except for Baker who gets in a lot of trouble when he forgets to go outside!! I'm a good boy and so is Trapper, but Baker is very naughty and sometimes we tell on him. This year we are going to the Annual Poodle Reunion & Picnic. I will get to see a lot of dogs and maybe I'll see my little sister Bella-Charisse there. Well, I hear my mom calling me 'cause it's time to go to bed. I hope I'll be seeing you at the Reunion and if you're there I just might let you see my tennis ball. It's my most favorite toy in the world!! Gotta go now. Bye!


  • Tanner
  • Tanner

Tanner had the good fortune to be adopted by Jerry on January 25, 2012.

Jerry and family have renamed our Tanner as Clancy.

Thank You, Jerry, for giving our Tanner such a wonderful new home!

Tanner's Happy New Life: Tanner met his brother Big Boy in foster care and found a true friend. Happily they were adopted together and have truly found a wonderful forever home! A note from Susan and Jerry recently came to CPR with many photos showing how much joy and happiness they have brought into their lives that they could never have imagined. A wonderful happy ending for everyone: humans and dogs!


  • Cherisse
  • Cherisse

Cherisse had the good fortune to be adopted by Sandra on November 13, 2011.

Sandra and family have renamed our Cherisse as Bella Cherisse.

Thank You, Sandra, for giving our Cherisse such a wonderful new home!

Cherisse's Happy New Life: I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me adopt my new love Bella. She is the most adorable little girl with such an awesome personality. We love going for walks and playing with all her toys. I want to thank Jan for taking such good care of Bella till she found me. I wish everyone would realize how wonderful it is to adopt a furry friend. There are so many of them out there that need good loving homes. Coastal Poodle Rescue is wonderful. I think the most important thing about adopting a pet is to be honest with yourself what your limitations are and what you are willing to work with. I just love my new furry friend Bella and look forward to many fun days with her. For us the transition period has gone smoothly we have bonded and Miss Bella has learned that if I leave the room I will be coming back. Thanks again to everyone at CPR!!


  • Ada
  • Ada

Ada had the good fortune to be adopted by judith on March 26, 2011.

judith and family have renamed our Ada as Keji.

Thank You, judith, for giving our Ada such a wonderful new home!

Ada's Happy New Life: Here us our wonderful Keji!! We adopted her with help of Coastal Poodle Rescue about 5 years ago. What a great organization. Because of them we have have the best dog ever. Thanks Coastal Poodle!! Judy and Jim gallagher

Princess Ariel

  • Princess Ariel
  • Princess Ariel

Princess Ariel had the good fortune to be adopted by mary ellen on March 17, 2011.

mary ellen and family have renamed our Princess Ariel as QUEEN Ariel.

Thank You, mary ellen , for giving our Princess Ariel such a wonderful new home!

Princess Ariel's Happy New Life: Napping during the March Madness Games...apparently she didn't find them as exciting as Bill did.... She is wonderful and we can hardly remember when she wasn't part of out lives !!!! xox MEP


  • York
  • York

York had the good fortune to be adopted by Mimi on March 17, 2011.

Mimi and family have renamed our York as Echo.

Thank You, Mimi, for giving our York such a wonderful new home!

York's Happy New Life: Back from our afternoon walk at Curry Park about an hour ago, so it is now naptime for these two. They wanted to get back into our bed, however, they found the loveseat in the bedroom very comfortable as the bed was already made for the day!!!

I am now off to get something done around here so we can enjoy this gorgeous, long weekend with our little friends. We are going to take them for a walk on the Palm Beach bike path tomorrow, which we think they will enjoy. We are so fortunate to have found them and we know that Coco Marie would be pleased to hear that Echo and Pax are enjoying her dog beds, bowls, sherpas, etc. ...on the other hand, Dutchey (our cockatiel) is still trying to digest\make sense of all of this; she will adjust (we hope)!!!!!


  • Jersey
  • Jersey

Jersey had the good fortune to be adopted by Mimi on March 17, 2011.

Mimi and family have renamed our Jersey as Pax.

Thank You, Mimi, for giving our Jersey such a wonderful new home!

Jersey's Happy New Life: When we lost our beloved toy poodle, Coco Marie back in December, we did not think we would be ready to adopt another poodle so quickly, let alone two toy poodles!! We simply thought we would register with Coastal Poodle Rescue and then wait several months before seriously looking at adoption and then came that fateful call from Pam, late on a Friday afternoon, foster Mother of Jersey and York. I discussed the bonded pair of older male poodles with my husband, Richard, and he said we should meet them. The rest is history and although they have only been here a few days over two weeks, it seems as if they have always been with us. We have renamed them Echo (York) and Pax (Jersey). Although shy initially, they have pretty much taken over the house; our bird is even tolerating them well!!

Thank you Pam for that fateful call and for taking such good care of these fellas until we came along. As my husband said this morning over breakfast (whilst holding little Pax in his lap) "they are such a wonderful addition to our family". I must say I am in total agreement.