You Can Help by Sponsoring a Poodle

In an effort to reduce mailing costs we are trying to do more online with our Sponsorship Program. Each month we will showcase canines here, take a peek each month to see Who's Who. You can make a donation in their name or sponsor them.

You can pay online via PayPal or send a check to our P. O. Box, your choice. Be sure to put the dog's name on the memo line of your check or for PayPal users, edit the note/optional information area and put the dog's name. Sponsors are $45, Donations can be any amount you choose.

Name Sex/Breed/Size Age Color Description

High Cost Canine
Our High Cost Canine is a dog we have in our care which is having greater than normal expenses; heartworm treatment, specialized testing, surgery, training etc.

Permanent Fosters
Our Permanent Fosters are dogs we have in our care that are not adoptable due to some type of Special Needs; whether it be temperment, physical or emotional issues.

Home Fosters
Our Looking for a Home Foster is one that is struggling to find a home due to one reason or another.

New Arrival
Our New Arrival is a dog waiting to come into rescue or one we just took in recently.

If you sponsor one of the ONLINE dogs, we will send you a certificate and receipt for your tax records, if you want to print the story you can do that from the website. If you wish to sponsor a poodle that is not on the website, we will send you a picture and story regarding the dog; we certainly can't list them all here! Maybe someday there will be fewer dogs to save but until then ....